Who is the Daily News Groups ??

Daily News Groups ( DNG ) was created by the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada an advocacy organization that is ran by sexually abused victims for sexual abuse victims. The problem with child sexual abuse is most victims do not disclose their abuse until late in life and in so many cases their abusers went on to touch many more victims . The problem is here in Canada there is no searchable database like there is in the states so that parents know who is near their children and when victims see a post with with their abusers name or stories that are similar to theirs and gives them the strength to speak out about their own abuse .
After a few years of working with victims and rallying the government to pass a law to grant the public access to the national sex offender registry so that people will know who is near their kids , so we created the Daily News Groups now in almost 90 cities across Canada we post media stories about offenders charged and convicted of sexual charges and it creates a searchable database of media stories of sex offenders in each city . These localized news groups also allows the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada the ability to speak to local communities about questionable people from the past in that city when investigating historical cases .
Here in Canada the media was not covering many of these type of cases always citing the publicity ban on the case but we have to keep reminding them that the ban only covers the identity of the VICTIM not the offender and we push them till they cover the story so we can share it to our local news group for that area and again update the local database of convicted offenders in the area .
In the beginning if COVID we were approached by a few businesses needing to get workers and other businesses trying to advertise in the newsgroups because they realized its where everyone is turning to complain about not working and the best place to reach out to them so we registered DNG as its own business and now offer both Brand Collaboration and paid ads on the network and by advertising with the Daily News Groups you also help with the services we provide for victims of child sexual abuse .